Monday, 15 August 2016

Chapter 1 - Sharpner Cricket

The catastrophic thing is that – I’m writing something, something that comes from my memory. Memory that is fine and working properly but it just faded something, something that was crucial and important to my life, or more peculiar I can say “Life changer”.

I want to share a part of my life or in better way “A Memory “to this world – with a thought that someone, somewhere in this world understand my feelings. Well it’s not like that no one understand me, there are many people who really obliged for me and I am really thankful, but this share is different and I think it just getting worse by residing in myself. It’s a thought that I should share this. 

From my past I can say there are more downs than that of ups, sometimes it is good to be a part of life and sometimes it just fucks and sucks up. But hey! Its life after all – So I like it. A family of four is really a good thing when it comes to – “Living”, so we were living in an - Army Cantonment. 

I and my brother was in primary school but the difference was - I was in normal school and he is was in abnormal as my brother is deaf and dumb and that’s the “abnormality”, Well we tried everything to remove it but it was like impossible, so we except it.  We were happy until we came to a new posted city – Bikaner (Rajasthan).


So I was promoted to 6th std in primary school – “big achievement” don’t it? Yeah well at least for me it was something good, as I was bad in academics. So it was - Army School Bikaner, I don’t remember the very first day but I can recall it and it was as bad as hell, no friends, no games and lectures are just boring me, I am not good at study, not even in the SUPW class (a class of art and handicraft) I was a punctured student who even don’t know how to write leave application and that sucks.

But Hey! Who told you that I was dumb? I am good at something and that is making - nuisance activity in the class and I was pretty good at it, few days after I got a gang –“hell of a gang” and I gonna love it. I love them and so do they, I have Mohit, Ankush, Deepak, and many more, don’t really remember the name after all it’s been 12-15 years. We love to play a new invented game called – “Sharpener Cricket” and it was boon for us, because we can’t afford the cricket ball – see we are good at Alternatives. 

So In every launch break we came out with a nice clipboard – that settle our “BAT” and a nice un-bladed sharpener – that settle our “BALL”, we figured our wickets with sharpened stone on the wall and the game started. I gonna love it. The best part is – I miss them all, I don’t know where are they right now – but really it was a cherish time and a memorable one and I promise you all that I gonna keep you all in my heart forever in my life. 

Two of them are here and they are living like Heaven.